About us

By marrying world-class data analysis to unrivalled industry knowledge, our team drives change like no one else_

We are not just a data company

Born from a desire to understand, Dsifer is the progeny of LMAC Consulting and Litmus Datatech, and combines New Zealand’s most extensive experience in manufacturing, primary and food processing with world leading data analysis to help business leaders embrace the future of productivity.

This fusion allows us to work beyond the scope of what most data companies are capable of by marrying our advanced insights and analysis with proven on-site consultation and coaching to develop predictive processes and inform effective interventions.

Our team:

Nigel Reaney

Founder and director of LMAC Consulting, Nigel began his career with a 13-year stint at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, during which time he developed an intimate knowledge of The Toyota Production System (the predecessor to lean manufacturing) and management approach, and optimal man/machine productivity.

Since founding LMAC, Nigel has worked alongside New Zealand’s largest manufacturers and food processors and is highly regarded for his innate ability to identify problems and solutions within organisations and deliver results that offer a tangible business benefit above what was promised.

With Dsifer, Nigel looks to use his skills and knowledge to help Kiwi companies embrace Industry 4.0 and move into the future with confidence and preparedness.

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Isaac Wilson

A data diehard and the founder of Litmus Datatech, Isaac has worked in data analysis since 1999 and brings a wealth of experience in both client and agency roles. Since founding Litmus in 2011, Isaac has worked for some of New Zealand’s most recognised names across the public and private sectors, including ACC, Meridian Energy and Sport New Zealand.

In his own words, “data doesn’t lie”, and Isaac believes in the power of precision data to offer clients leading-edge insights into their organisation, allowing for the development of predictive models and more effective interventions in the pursuit of productivity.

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Adam Sharman

Combining a background in business performance consulting across multiple industries and countries at Accenture and Deloitte, with on-the-ground operations experience in the worlds largest dairy exporter, Adam is passionate about helping organisations optimise their businesses, drive innovation and stay ahead of a constantly evolving world.

As General Manager of Dsifer, Adam aims to combine the team’s data science and operational performance expertise to optimise organisational performance, build industry capability and shift perspectives on what is possible using data.

With qualifications in both business operations and psychology, Adam knows the power of taking a human-centered approach to transformation for sustainable change.

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Frank Phillips

Manager of LMAC’s advanced manufacturing team, Frank works closely with Litmus Datatech to deliver technological solutions to clients that are appropriate for the needs of their business. With prior roles at BMW and Rolls Royce Aerospace, Frank possesses immense Industry 4.0 knowledge in addition to a traditional foundation of operational best practices and believes that the best results arise from finding harmony between these two approaches.

As one of the first Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) certified assessors in Australasia, Frank stands at the forefront of Industry 4.0 and is an invaluable asset in assisting clients to optimise their operations in a way that delivers tangible bottom-line benefit.

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Brian Bull

Brian is the head data scientist at Dsifer. He has 20 years of professional experience as a quantitative analyst and qualitative analysis. Brian uses great communication skills to deliver a comprehensive package of programming, database, mathematical and statistical expertise. Brian can think of nothing better than to figure out how to solve any life problem with some math and stats. He’s the guy you want at your shoulder as you push the boundaries and he’s at his best when he’s blending the latest AI technique to solve real-world problems.

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Alastair Crawford

As CEO of LMAC, Alastair draws on more than 20 years of experience working for leading global companies like Toyota to help transform clients into high-performance organisations. A strong leader with a reputation for driving continuous improvement, Alastair is an expert at designing and implementing strategic plans and coaching businesses to deliver results throughout the value chain.

Having turned his focus to Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing, Alastair’s knowledge of technology and the future of manufacturing provides an immense benefit to Dsifer’s clients and ensures their approach is backed up by world-class research, training and support.

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