Health & Safety

The Manufacturing and Primary Industries know that health, safety and wellness performance is fundamental to successful operations, retention, morale & productivity_

The challenge:

Failure to identify true risk

Health, safety and wellbeing management has traditionally depended on ‘lag measures’ through which manufacturers attempt to understand their risks and implement programmes to mitigate them. These programmes fail to identify the true risk factors that are driving their H&S performance. Primarily because managing by ‘counts’ of incidents doesn’t factor the range of contributory drivers. 

With Dsifer’s purpose of keeping manufacturing and the primary industries on shore and profitable, we couldn’t ignore this challenge and have developed approaches by which manufacturers can reveal their true H&S risks. 

The solution:

A risk-based approach

Proactively managing health and safety requires taking a risk-based approach. Risk, however, is often ill defined or calculated incorrectly by using solely ‘count’ based incident data where, in fact, risk cannot be determined from count data alone.

In order to understand risk, it is critical that the level of activity is used as a denominator in the risk equation.

This means that real risk can be determined by seeing where spikes in incidents occur where there is not a corresponding spike in activity.

Dsifer achieves this by taking H&S incident data, combining it with shopfloor performance data, and applying advanced analytics to reveal the true drivers of H&S performance. This allows us to pinpoint individuals and groups at highest risk of harm, including the likely nature of injuries, so interventions can then be targeted towards those at highest risk, ultimately increasing the likelihood of success and returns to the business.

We can take this approach further by deploying wearable technology gathering real-time data from your teams, and providing a ‘mass-customised’ approach. Providing live feedback to individuals on their risks and opportunities to mitigate through data is a cutting-edge method by which the underlying drivers of health and safety risk can be truly addressed.

The details:

H&S data (numbers/types of injuries etc.) has limited capacity to provide insights to risk on its own. Our proven data method combines your existing data with data from across the business. For example, we can assess risk across a wide range of dimensions including overtime, direct manager, role, department, demographics, season, time of day, day of the week, productivity, ACC claims and throughput. By applying machine learning algorithms, we determine the true risk in the business from the relationships between these data sets, easily interpreted through visual platforms that update in real time as part of a live feed. 

Businesses benefit from this approach through:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced ACC claims
  • Possibly reduced insurance premiums
  • Engagement in the workforce in their safety & wellbeing

We deploy our health and safety approach with any manufacturing or primary industry business with robust health & safety data. Where this is not available, we first work with organisations to put in place effective data capture methods.

Do you need to see an improvement in your performance & staff well-being?