How we work

We combine manufacturing expertise with world-leading data analysis to drive your business into the future_

We are ‘problem orientated’

Combining New Zealand’s premier manufacturing and processing knowledge and world leading data analysis, Dsifer uses cutting edge insight to inform best practice solutions that help drive your business into the future.

Dsifer is ‘problem-oriented’. Tech companies come to businesses with solutions to problems that don’t necessarily exist. Dsifer identifies the problem first and then uses data to solve it.

With our three ‘I’s, your business will no longer be playing catch up, and the end result is an organisation that is smarter, more agile, and better equipped to adapt to the rapidly changing world of Industry 4.0.

Our approach:

00. Identification

We track down the problems worth solving, those that can deliver step change improvement.

By understanding your strategy and key challenges, we build bespoke analytics; we don’t sell you out-of-the-box software.

01. Data

We work with your team to seek out the data needed, internal & external, to understand the feasibility and possible value that insights could provide.

02. Insights

With the opportunity & relevant data sources, we then deploy industry leading data science along with our leading manufacturing experience to develop predictive models that inform, with precision, the most optimal interventions for your business.

03. Interventions

Drawing on decades of experience and a depth of Industry 4.0 knowledge, we deploy onsite consultation to assist our clients in implementing the necessary changes that their businesses require.