We turn data into solutions

By combining best-practice manufacturing and food processing expertise with industry-leading data science, we can extract meaningful insights and take predictive action to drive change like no-one else.

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Who we are

Advanced analytics, data & reporting for New Zealand manufacturing, primary & food processing.

With many years’ experience in the manufacturing, primary and food-processing sectors, we know that numbers are only the first part of the puzzle. Without effective understanding and a practical pathway to follow, they’re useless.

However, when translated into meaningful insights and with the right industry expertise to deploy interventions, data can provide immense clarity and control allowing organisations to predict and plan with confidence.

What our clients say

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How we work

We believe in our strengths and trust in them to deliver transformative results for our clients, based on our three ‘I’s: Identification, Insight, and Intervention.

Case Studies

With our extensive experience in Manufacturing, Primary, and food processing, we’ve been able to tackle some common and substantial problems that span across the board.

Why choose us?

Born from a desire to understand, Dsifer is the progeny of LMAC Consulting and Litmus Datatech, and combines New Zealand’s most extensive experience in manufacturing, primary and food processing with world-leading data analysis to help business leaders drive change and embrace the future of productivity.