DSIFER Features

DSIFER uses the latest text mining AI techniques of machine learning and natural language processing to extract meaning from any free text data source.  Data sources can include open ended responses in surveys, memo fields in operational systems, and social media feeds - anything where text data is recorded electronically.


discover themes

DSIFER uses text mining AI techniques to uncover the key themes that are contained within your dataset.  As a result you can know the exact size of each theme - DSIFER allows the quantification of what was previously qualitative data!

DSIFER Sentiment.png

understand sentiment

DSIFER sentiment analysis provides a sentiment by giving each sentence a rating between -1 and +1.  Using this it is possible to not just understand the themes being discussed but how your customers are really feeling!


GET a full insights dataset

The DSIFER software tags all the themes and sentiments back to your original dataset.  This means you can do further indepth analysis using the insights generated by DSIFER.  You can even load this into your own systems for further analysis and use in your organisation.


SurveyMonkey API

DSIFER provides the ability to analyse your open ended survey results by linking directly to your survey result data captured in SurveyMonkey.