Monkeying around with SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a fantastic way to easily collect data from anyone.  We've used it a lot ourselves, plus many of our customers use it as their core data collection toolset. 

The ability to capture candid responses from customers using open ended questions is a fantastic feature of SurveyMonkey, however no one wants to sit down and read each and every response and code what your customers are telling you. 

To help ease the pain and save your eyes, DSIFER has built a connection to SurveyMonkey so you can simply pass your open enders from Survey Monkey directly to DSIFER, hit 'run' and DSIFER will provide you a concise and meaninful summary of what your customers were saying in the open enders.

Give it a try today!


Wring every last ounce of insight from those post-event surveys...

Once you've run an event, it's always great to be able to poll your attendees to see how they really found your event.  You've put loads of effort into making it the best event in the universe, and while you thought it went well, there's always that nagging question of "did it go as well as it I thought it did?"

There are lots of good survey tools out there that can help you collect all that  useful feedback, but if, although you're getting some really good responses to your open-ended questions, you have to spend hours 'eyeballing' each and every response?

This is where AI comes in. These days it is no longer necessary to eyeball every single response, or create those complicated and bias-ridden coding frames.  By taking a machine-learning AI approach, you can get every ounce of insight from your event survey in a very fast, accurate, and unbiased way.  Give it a go... 

Chatbots are rich

Chatbots are rich!  They provide a steady stream of content directly from your customers.  They cover everything from operational issues and questions, right through to comments and ideas on your product, service, and website. 

When you set up a chatbot, you'll find you'll have customer feedback on tap.  But how do you analyse this data?  We have found that customers who take a proactive approach to using this data realise a very compelling competitive advantage.  This really heats up when you apply AI technology to gain fast, accurate and unbiased customer insights.

Once you've got a chatbot running, you are only halfway there. You now need to 'put your ear to ground' and really listen to what your customers are telling you.  Too much data, not enough time?  Then let an AI-innovation interpret your Chatbot feed. 


Net Promoter Score is not enough

DSIFER has been used by a lot of our clients to analyse open-ended questions associated with Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer research.  Over the course of this experience, our customers have often found that responders who have provided a 'promoter' response to the NPS, have DSIFER Sentiment Scores that are negatively framed;  and vice versa, that responders with NPS detractors actually have nice things to say!

These findings highlight that humans are complex.  NPS runs the risk of over-simplifying the research process, and as a result, important aspects of what customers are trying to communicate are missed.

Open-ended questions make it easy for responders to be candid, and free to describe exactly how they are feeling about things.  The AI technology that powers DSIFER allows our customers to really get closer to their customers.  This does not need to make surveys longer or more onerous - in fact, taking an AI approach puts technology to work to actually decrease the workload on responders.

An NPS research survey, coupled with cleverly analysed open-ended responses, will allow you to really drill into the nuances of your customers. As a result, you can deliver what your customers want, when they want it.